Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lessons from the Way of the Showman - ?

Small room, big thoughts.

How many are there? Where do they come from?
The answer to the first is: I don’t know, but possibly endless; the second answer is: from two different sources. The first I will keep secret, for now.
The second is a peculiar blend of an inquisitive and exploratory mind spending too much time alone in hotel rooms. These refuges for weary travelers are like monk cells. The process of making them inoffensive to everyone has made them homely to none. There is usually only one chair and one desk and for some reason the mirror hangs right above the desk. So if I want to sit, I get locked in a face off with myself. This makes me think big existential questions. What am I doing with my life? Is my life shallow? Can you have a meaningful life with novelty acts and carnival fun as your foundation?
In times like that I pick up the complimentary pen and pad and jot down thoughts that are too big to keep in. I now post these on facebook as seeds for thought for other fellow followers of the Way of the Showman.

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