Friday, 9 March 2012

The Terror of Tiny Town

"Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, we're going to present for your approval a novelty picture with an all midget cast, the first of it's kind to ever be produced. I'm told that it has everything, that is everything that a western should have." 

As the Announcer talks to the viewers he is joined on stage by the movies two protagonists the cowboy in white hat (the good one) and the one in the black (the bad) the two of them gets into a fight about whichone of them is the toughest and with the Announcer as the mediator it is decided they should watch the movie to see who would win in a fight since (spoiler alert) there is a fight between the hero and the villain in the end of this movie.

This is the kind of novelty cinema gold you are about to see - if you dear to venture into Tiny Town.

The worlds only western with an all midget and dwarf cast. Small cowboys singing and riding ponies.

An evil gun slinging midget comes to terrorize the good little people of Tiny Town. The townspeople organize to defeat him, and zany antics ensue.

A snippet of a review...
"To make sure that the audience notices the cast's stature, several tricks were used. Something anyone will notice is that the characters ride Shetland ponies. The choice was probably functional as well as "artistic," because I doubt that Buck could vault atop a normal-sized horse without a trampoline (trampolines were not common in the Old West). Another amusing point is that tough cowboys entering the saloon are forced to reach up and swing the doors open. The diminutive cast members could easily walk under the doors, but swinging them open and swaggering inside is mandatory in a western. Of course, the thirsty saloon patron is then forced to step up onto a bench just to see over the bar...

In fact, what is up with all of the buildings? They are hardly the correct size and dimensions for the populace. Was the town built by giants and then subsequently abandoned, to be eventually repopulated by the townsfolk we see now? What happened to all of the tall people? Why were midgets the only survivors? Perhaps Earth was attacked by piranha birds that flew five feet above the ground, decapitating anything in their way!

Yes, I know that they used an existing western town movie set. Don't you have any inherent suspension of disbelief? The world of "The Terror of Tiny Town" is one entirely populated by midgets. You explain why everything is built for people who are six feet tall."
From a review on

For a video review by Diamanda Hagan check this link out. It starts a little strange, and continues in the same way, it has some nifty cut up of the movie with snappy clips from all over the cinematic world of exploitation film.
AND NOW for the days feature presentation.
Enjoy this sweet novelty movie for as long as you can endure.

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