Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Clown Instructions

Colombaioni's Clown Seminar, 1968 

Some nice visual tips on slapstick, pratfalls and so forth.
Who is the teacher?
Carlo Colombaioni is an Italian clown who worked with Fellini in several movies.

From his website.
He was born in Ancona on Novembre 30th 1933. His family was big, he had five brothers and three sisters He grow up in the world of art, full immersed with jugglers, funambulists, acrobats and clowns. Then he started with the curtain-raiser, placing side by side with the most important Italian actors, like for example Antonio De Curtis, alias Totò, until he meets the great movie director Federico Fellini, and he took part to the famous movies “La Strada(the Street)”, “I clown”, “Amarcord”, “Roma” and “Casanova”. Carlo has been a great actor and he shared his talent with persons like Dario Fo, Federico Fellini and Jerzy Grotowsky. Later he went abroad, and he started his teatral career, becoming so famous in couple with his cousin Alberto Vitali.
The duet reach the top of the success, and they start to propose their shows all over the world, in the most important theaters.
Master Carlo passed on May 15th 2008, when he was 74 years old. He had already scheduled another show in Florence on to weeks later.


  1. interesting. would that have been the one of the first times a circus family had taught slapstick clown skills?

  2. Good question. I don't know. It certainly is very early.