Monday, 12 November 2012

a New World


First there was language.
We expressed truth.
As we saw it.
As it was.
Who was there?
What happened?
- When.

Then there were stories
We expressed other truths.
As we saw it.
As it was -
Imagined in our minds,
Shaped by us,
Not just the world.
More exciting.
More meaningful.
Greater explanations.

Old stories improved by telling.
Reshaped by Crowd reactions.
The teller’s thoughts coloured it.
The hero emerged
No longer just a man
Something more,
So much more.

Without stories
Diverging from the true,
Without the first fictions
There was no religion.


A cave.
A fire.
A Shaman stands.
The others look up.
He waits for attention
Eyes meets eyes,
the flickering light
changes the space.
His mouth opens
The beginning: The word.

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