Friday, 15 November 2013

The Way of the Showman - IV - Act Analysis

Act Analysis

Here I delve into some of my thoughts and ideas, frustrations and triumphs surrounding my physical
comedy spectacle. I guess if I was a musician this would be on my greatest hits album.
Yet again this has been dug from the Archives of treasures in the studios of Carnival Cinema.

It is always interesting for me to watch these episodes, so expertly put together by my good friend and collaborater Hamish McCormick. Somehow he manage to surprise me every time, even though I am in the clips. I guess I have said and done all those things over the years but most of it was so in the moment I have all but forgotten it. Due to his persistent presence he has captured my life in all its ridiculous and glorious detail. Like how I almost loose my famous cool ":-)" as I struggle to come to terms with the changes imposed on my act by a television program I'm about to attend.

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