Friday, 6 January 2012

Lessons from the Way of the Showman - 61

Love your Audience. You can't truly succeed as a Showman unless you realize the importance of this. Without them you are nothing, at least not a Showman. Since a Showman is someone who Shows significant material to other people, we need the Crowd like fish needs water.
They can read you like an open book as soon as you walk on stage. They are all Mind Readers, if you will. So have your love and respect in your mind and body for them to read. Show it in your face. Open up, smile, radiate. They are the ones who makes our Craft Meaningful, show them your gratitude for this.
If you instill this mental attitude you will crave their excitement, their wonder, and their happiness even more than your own. This is a beautiful mind for them to read.

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