Friday, 27 January 2012

Mark Ryden vs Catholic Church

Mark Ryden's Saint of Clowns

Jajo the Patron Saint of Clowns.
1994 - Oil on Panel. 15" x 20".

The Baptism of Jajo. 
2003. Oil on Panel. 3.75" x 3.75".

Baptism of Jajo. 2003 - Graphite on paper.

In the Baptism we see a Clown spirit present in the form of a child's toy. His presence symbolizing the significance of what transformation the Baptism will have. It is in the toy clown we see the auguries of what is to come for this very special child.


The Catholic Saint of Clowns

The Conversion of St Genesius. By Giovanni Battista Pozzo.

The Catholic Saint of Clowns.
"While St Genesius’ mock baptism on stage was not a valid baptism, the intention to baptize not being present, through his martyrdom he is considered to have been “baptized by blood”. Right from the beginning the Church was faced with the position of those catechumens who were put to death for the Christian faith before being baptized and in this sacrifice she recognized that they were baptized by the very sacrifice of their lives for Christ and his Church. "
(From the Fraternity of St Genesius.)


Mark Ryden's Baptism of Jajo seems to be done by the blood from a Stigmata, miraculously appearing wounds corresponding to those of Jesus on on the cross. It is also a "baptism by blood."
The painting is from his series of miniatures called Blood. A CD was released in conjunction with the exhibition and you can hear the Baptism of Jajo soundtrack here. If myspace isn't satisfying you can get it on itunes.

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