Thursday, 5 July 2012

Carnival Chronicles

The Logo that separates the Carnies from the Riff Raff
My fellow creator and brother in arms Hamish McCormick have begun a fine project over on vimeo which should illicit attention to the readers of the Illuminated Showman. Hamish is the brains behind the independent film production house Carnival Cinema, of which yours truly is a co-founder.
The project is called the Carnival Chronicles and appears in weekly installments. Short sharp clips that encapsulates the (mainly) Australian Showmen and Contemporary Carnival scene.

I would strongly recommend you all to check out his fine cutting and shooting craftmanship, and while you're at it follow him on vimeo. If you are not already a member, it literally takes 1min to do. It will set you up for carnival delights entering your digital device of your choosing for the future.

Here is one of my favorites; a short film called Carnival Casino I hope you enjoy it.


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