Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lesson from the Way of the Showman - 65

Mr Mysterio's parting advice to students.

"Before sending budding bafflers on their way, I always do my utmost to impress upon them that each performance, successful or otherwise, contains a lesson. Each failure show the performer what not to do, while each success shows the performer how it can be done. And there are still more valuable lessons to be learned.
"Was each line delivered at the right moment, for maximum impact? How well was your misdirection covered, in slights involving that interesting art? Were you able to control the attention of the audience in exactly the way you desired?"
For an attentive performer, the question never cease and the journey never ends. There are always ways to make even the oldest trick new, ways to improve the presentation or performance of virtually every effect you know. Even the simplest of feats can be refined to the point that it becomes a master piece."

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