Monday, 3 September 2012

Clown Vs Mime

COntinuing on the clown film theme...

Q: What happens when you stab a clown in the eye?
A: He DIES. Just like everything else.

Here at the Illuminated Showman we do enjoy a bit of splatter clowning and that is exactly what we get with Clown Vs Mime. Funny short and to the blood dripping point.
Created by Brock England and Darren Scharf.
Clown vs Mime. The newest most amazing conflict in the history of amazing conflicts: Tom and Jerry, vampires and werewolves, clorox and bacteria, democrats and republicans. Like these epic foes of man's history, they spend all their time creating new and gruesome ways to realize each other's death. Will the Clown use a balloon animal noose to strangle the Mime? Or will the Mime use his powers to conjure invisible C4 and blow the Clown to Marakesh? Watch and see!

episode one:

episode two:

episode 3:

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