Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Interview with me...

I was asked a little while ago to do an interview with Map Magazine for our La Soiree season in Brisbane. It turned out that it was an email interview, which means they send me some questions and I write down the answers. Then they cut and past those into something. To the right is what they printed and this is what I wrote...

Q&A for map magazine

Please answer the questions with approximately 20 word answers where applicable. Thank you!

NAME: Captain Frodo
OCCUPATION: Incredible Rubberman
WEBSITE: theilluminatedshowman.blogspot.com.au

where were you born?
In the beautiful fjord lands of Norway.

what was the performance that first made your world come alive?
My father is a Magician. With a dad that actually could do anything made me want to be like him.

describe yourself in ten words?
A philosophically minded Showman making people laugh and think.

what gets you out of bed in the morning?
At the moment my 4 week old daughter Saskia.

what is something you discovered this month?
Having a baby changes everything you ever thought about the world, yet the world goes on as if nothing happened.

the last thing that made you smile & why?
All these questions asked at this particular time in my life begs just one answer – my little girl.

what is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
As above, Chaplin’s The Kid, Chaplin’s grandson James Thiérrée’s Au Revoir Paraluie, The Black Rider with music by Tom Waits.
what’s your idea of complete happiness?
Going to bed with a book, falling asleep before finishing page one. Dreaming the book and later realizing my dream was better than the book.
when was the last time you did something for the first time?
I have been paving our bush property with rock from our own quarry. Mixing cement, using a scotching hammer and feeding my baby.

tell me about passion … ?
It’s the fire in your heart that illuminates your journey. It’s contagious. The job of a Showmanis to pass on enthusiasm.

what makes you different?
I make a living squeezing myself through two tennis rackets and sitting on a tin can.

what scares you?
At the moment, America.
Imagine going to work in a flight simulator controlling a drone bomber on the other side of the world. You kill a bunch of people, destroy a neighbourhood then rush off to pick up your daughter from drama class…
I find it truly frightening.

what’s worth fighting for?
A meaningful life, and (as the beastie boys reminded us) - the right to party.

tell me about creativity …?
To be creative seek out inspiring art, ideas and experiences and then express what that makes you feel and think in whichever way you can.

your biggest inspiration?
Those that do stuff others call impossible and the guy that carved an Eiffel towers that fit inside the eye of a needle.

what is the world you imagine?
A world where Illuminated Showmen plant Seeds of change crowds and show by show they make the world a better place.

what are your words of wisdom?
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world.

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