Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Man on a Tightrope

Man on a tightrope is a 1953 film about a circus in Czechoslovakia run by a True Circus Man. They risks all as they attempt to use their circus skills to escape across the border into freedom. The movie raises interesting questions of thought crimes. What's the right thing to do for a true communist who loves his country but who also loves the circus?
There are some awesome dialog about the bond between all fellow Showmen, Carnies and Circus Folk:

"You see, Sir, circus people aren't like other people. The only nationality we have, the only religion, is Circus."

“I have no more love for you than you have for me. We would both cheerully rob each other and cut each others throats. But we are together on one thing: we are both circus men, first, last, and always. We hate the government, we hate the police and and when it comes to the question of circus against the law – you know which side I’m on.”

A beautiful tale of truth, sacrifice, and a united brotherhood of Circus folk and you can see it all right here on the inside.

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  1. Hey Frodo, Thanks for posting this! I have an old Blackpool poster for this film and have wondered what it's like. Genious film - one of the best circus films I've seen. Need to find a high res copy to keep... Insect Mark x