Saturday, 3 December 2011

Carnytube (4)

Roll up for further fine films of the Carny tradition.
Tom Mullica and his bizarre cigarette eating act from FISM 1988.

A tragically beautiful marionette act by Philippe Genty. I remember seeing this as the 'novelty' act on the Paul Daniels show as a kid and being strangely affected.

And now for a completely different kind of puppetry; Raymond Crowe the Unusualist and his fine hand shadows. This is from the Royal Variety Show.

 As old as it gets - A girl disrobes on a trapeze in 1901. One of Edison's first films. 
“Hm, what to capture with this new invention, lets see what the carnies have to offer."

Something current. A french circus company called Ieto. Beautiful, skilled and ingenious.
A great clown double act. Perfect straightman funnyman done by the two fine fools Jogalow and Csaba.

And finaly... 
Sometimes the most unaware makes for the most freaky performance. Don’t watch this unless you are prepared to be offended. Feel the power of the Freakshow work you - as you take in this bizarre act involving hedgehogs...

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