Sunday, 11 December 2011

CarnyTube (5)

Some Cracking Carnival Clips for you all to ponder upon.

First up we have two clips from the dawn of Cinema filmed by Thomas Edison. This first performing beauty calls her self Princess Raja, it is unclear where she is princess, but i believe Rajah is the title for a prince or a king in India. The clip is from 1904 and she performes a strange dance ending in biting a chair...

Here is a little snippet of Sharpshooter legend Annie Oakley.
Annie Oakley’s heart target from a private collection in Los Angeles, California
Image courtesy of Annie Leibovitz via The New York Times.

Fantastic funambulists! The Feller Boys & Dodo live from the Hippodrome, London aroud 1965. Absolutely unbelievable skill. This is why we must always respect the Old School. They did it first, and often better than we can imagine.
Toss the Girl by the Saddri Dancers 1969 The Yong Brothers, Hand-to-Hand Balancing, in Thames Television's "Billy Smart's Christmas Circus" (1978)
A great clip from Seven fingers’ show PSY.
Les 7 Doigts de la Main - PSY from Ben Philippi on Vimeo.

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