Sunday, 27 November 2011

Carnytube (3)

Yet again it is opening time in the midway of moving pictures. Clips and things from the world of carny cinema.

Roll on in to the virtual carnival of splendid attractions.

Starting right off with the most chaotic and full on Sideshow you ever saw. From the cradle of yoga and snake charming, its the Warriors of Goja!

For something more sweet and sophisticated take a look at Cardini the Suave Deceiver. This is the only film clip of this master manipulator of cards and cigarettes. Note that he is wearing gloves for most of it...

 The renowned Kehayovi Teeterboard Troupe from Bulgaria accomplished the impossible "SEVEN MAN HIGH". The Kehayovi Troupe's leader George Kehayov, is the bottom man carrying the weight of all the people stacked above him.

The Ringmaster introducing the Kehayovi troupe is Great Britain's Grand Veteran Ringmaster the Honorable Norman Barret. He worked for the Blackpool Tower circus, which is where the Guinness Book of Records breaking teeterboard stunt took place. Here is the Ring Master himself with his sweet trained Budgie act.

Skill and patience...

Amateur magic goes wrong... Thanks to Brett Phister for putting me onto this one.

And finally to top it off, a contortion break dancing hybrid.

 That's all for now folks. Enjoy.

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