Saturday, 19 November 2011


It's weekend and here are some a fine selection of Carnival clips for all you faithful readers of the Illuminated Showman.

Don't you just love the good old days and their weird dancing pig puppet acts. This is strange and creepy.

Here follows two clips of physical comedy and clown Luminaries, true Master Showmen.

The first is Larry Griswold, on a trampoline and a diving board. The clip is from the Frank Sinatra show in 1951. 

Next up the king of sticky hands and microphone slapstick, a man which inspired me in my own work. Here he is, the winner of the very first Golden Clown in Monte Carlo in 1974 Mr George Carl.

Some sweet skills!
Selyna Bogino juggling five basket balls with her feet.

 A short clown film from Carnival Cinema

And finally a short edit of a long clown film starring Lon Chaney, 'the man of a thousand faces', in one of his many roles as a clown. This is from the Man who gets Slapped and it is set to music by the paramount circus band Circus Contraption.

Hope you enjoy it.

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